Cost of LASIK

The national average price for LASIK has increased over the last decade. The adoption of new state-of-the-art technologies such as “all-laser LASIK”, also referred to as IntraLase or Bladeless, adds a cost of several hundred dollars per eye.

Today, more than 50% of LASIK surgeons offer a “one price model”.  This one price model is cited as a haggle-free method of pricing laser vision correction services regardless of the technology offered. The reported national average for this pricing model in 2021 was $2,436 per eye. While charges for LASIK procedures vary widely by practice and region, the average cost of LASIK is between $1,500 to $3,000 per eye depending on the type of the procedure, surgeon and region of the country.

At Davis Vision, we price LASIK based on the procedure type. Some state-of-the-art advanced technologies and regional differences may cause price to vary. Below is a guide on what you can expect to pay through our program. In addition, when you call exact pricing is quoted for any location requested and documented for you.


Known as Conventional or Standard LASIK it is typically the lowest priced procedure. The national average cost for this procedure is $1,677 per eye, however our members' price is under $1,000 per eye.


Typically adds several hundred dollars to the price. The national average cost is $2,436 per eye, however the Davis Vision price is under $1,400 per eye.

Bladeless "all-laser LASIK" 

Also known as IntraLase, Ziemer or I-LASIK it utilizes an additional femtosecond laser which typically adds several hundreds of dollars in cost making it typically the highest priced procedure.


PRK is also a bladeless procedure and is available in either Traditional or Custom technology. The pricing for PRK varies by provider.

Warranty, Retreatment or Assurance Plans

Doctors typically offer either a one year plan or a conditional lifetime plan. 3% - 5% of patients will require a retreatment.

Network provider participation may vary.  For details, please call us at 855-502-2020.

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